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One-2-One Coaching

If you want to take your business to the next level and feel that working with a business coach is the right choice for you, then let us explain what we offer working one-2-one with clients. Because we work with clients all over, some of our coaching is done by telephone. We also coach face-to-face when a client is in the Kansas City Metro area.

When you choose to work with us you will be working with a qualified business coach and someone who has run their own businesses for years. Through our coaching you will not only solve problems in your business, but you will also get focused on doing what is needed to produce the results you want. Together we will cut through your business problems and with an overall game plan, allowing for the most profound breakthroughs and results to occur.

Business Coaching Meets Your Needs

All the work we do with you is tailored to your individual business needs. You are in the driving seat and choosing the agenda, with the intention of improving your business dramatically.

You Will Not Be Told What To Do

We will collaborate with you to bring out your best and discover the ideal solutions for you. You know most of the answers to your business challenges; we just need to bring them out.

What Makes Our Business Coaching Unique?

We are professional coaches who help business owners dramatically improve their business. We believe there is great potential inside you and your business. Our mission is to unlock these unique and often hidden qualities so that you reach new heights of success, joy and fulfillment. We will use our unique approach that is both simple and basic. After all, why learn lots of complicated processes that take time and are difficult to follow through with when it can be done simply.

Why Work With Us?

Because we will challenge, support and inspire you, and most importantly get you to take consistent actions. You will not be told what to do. Our skill and experience lies in bringing out your own answers, insights, thoughts and ideas for success in your business. You will benefit from our experience, wisdom and insights from over years in business to shorten your learning curve. One of our strengths is being a strategist, so We will cut through to the heart of what you need. You'll see the wood for the trees and know the most important actions to take with your business. We are skilled at and love opening up possibilities for you and your business. We have been told that our passionate, inspiring, enthusiastic and our contagious energy makes us fun to work with. We believe in taking a simple and basic approach so that you can experience the success you want, taking the quickest and easiest route.

How Coaching Works

We partner with you, with the intention of achieving the success and results you desire in your business. Our coaching can be done by telephone during regular weekly 45 minute sessions. Coaching is very powerful by telephone as there are no visual distractions and it is a highly effective method. We are both better able to focus on the content of the conversation and there is also the saving in travel time and costs for both of us. You will receive coaching in the convenience of your home or office, allowing you to be in a comfortable place to really talk. We are always open to discussing the possibility of face to face coaching if that would suit you better.

As the success of coaching relies on you being clear about what you want to achieve, this is where we will start our work. We will help you to clarify what you want and from there develop a plan of action to achieve it. At each coaching session, you tell us what you have achieved during the past week, what you specifically want to work on during this coaching session, and any obstacles, problems or opportunities you're facing. We will always share with you honestly, even though there may be times that you don't want to hear this.

With our coaching expertise, you'll be able to make better decisions, set the right goals, and balance your commitments. All information you share is absolutely confidential between you and your coach.

What Will Coaching Cost?

This type of coaching is an investment in yourself and your business because what you learn through the process and get done will continue to produce results long after we have finished working together. Another way to look at this is to ask yourself, "What might it cost we or my business to NOT have a coach right now?" Accountants call that type of loss an "opportunity cost." In other words, what it costs you to not do or have something. (Opportunity costs, by the way, are the fastest rising costs in any business, given the much faster pace of events today.)

The fee for coaching varies depending on your particular needs and to give you an idea, business coaching starts at $999 per month. For micro business owners, we reserve a couple of coaching slots that can be applied for at a dramatically reduced rate starting at $399 per month. You will be added to a waiting list until We have one of these spaces available. Contact us to find out about one of these coaching places.

The Financial Risk to You is Zero

In fact, we will offer you a money-back guarantee. If you do not feel that you're receiving outstanding value and moving quickly towards your outcomes, let us know immediately and your month's fee will be refunded. You Risk Nothing!

Payment by Cash, Check or Credit Card.

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If you are considering business coaching or consulting, then driving your business forward, and increasing sales and profitability is important to you. You want to see improved results and reach greater levels of success, and much faster. Well, now you can!

Through our coaching or consulting you will not only solve problems in your business, but you will also get focused on doing what's needed to produce the results you want. Together we will cut through your business problems and with an overall game plan, allow the most profound breakthroughs and results to occur.